Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Field By Any Other Name is Just As Good

It's clear that Microsoft has truly renewed their commitment to our lovable little friend, MS Access. They have launched a series of Tutorials aimed at introducing MS Access to a generation that has little or no idea what Access is and how it works.


The initial tutorial, however, set off a small controversy among some of my peers; some of us felt it was a bit lax in modeling good design practices. After a brief discussion, though, it became clear that the overall goal is more important than some minor points--points that can be debated anyway.

If it brings more developers to the table, and if they taste the flavor of our lovable little friend's power, and go on to adopt it as a tool in their own toolkits, that can only be seen as a Good Thing.

So, despite my initial misgivings, I am sharing the link here. I hope you do as well. The more the merrier.