Saturday, October 29, 2016

What People are Downloading From

I recently looked up statistics on which of my free demos and downloads have been most frequently downloaded from the GPC Data Downloads Page over the last ten years.

The winner, by a fairly small margin, was the Access 2007 version of  WorkTrack, which is a small tool I originally built (using Access 2003 at the time) to track my own personal project time and billing. When I add in the A2010-A2016 versions and the old A2003 version, it leaps out in front by a significant margin, almost two to one over the next most often downloaded demo, ContactManager. These versions are in first, third and seventh place overall by number of downloads in the ten years of data available. Contact Manager is in second place overall.

It seems people are interested in simple, easy to implement and manage project tracking, and also the ability to track their contacts -- with Access. It does make sense, when you think about it. Anything else we do is fairly custom for the type of business we're in. Most of us, though, want to keep track of who we call, email and meet with, along with the work we do.

So,  with that in mind, I recently overhauled the WorkTrack demo. I cleaned up some code, implemented better error handling, and added a Change History function. The Change History function records all new and modified data in all forms, by user who made the change and by date and time of the change. It doesn't record deletions, which is in hindsight an oversight. I'll get back to that later.

So, if you haven't visited lately, please come on over and kick the tires.

And please let me know what you think. There are feedback links on most pages.